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Author - Paige Parker

Paige is mother of two, author of Feminine Fulfillment for Women Over 40, business owner and 32-year professional in the beauty industry. Her background in teaching, social marketing, leading and coaching personal growth and transformational Seminars, lead her to writing and guiding women to be able to feel beyond  happiness. Paige has accumulated a body of knowledge she uses to assist women in being feminine, celebrated, and successful. Living a life of feminine fulfillment

herself, she cracked the code and is giving you the key. 

Feminine Fulfillment Book cover

This is what you’re going to discover in Feminine Fulfillment.

  • Realign your feminine self.
  • Reclaim your heart and souls’ desires.
  • Repurpose and discover your feminine empowered self. 
  • Balance feminine and masculine energies, bring them back together to live in fulfillment and balanced alignment.
  • Each woman has their own unique recipe for feminine fulfillment, discover that recipe.
  • What you need to know about you, that no one tells you in your 40s and up
  • You will learn to be the best version of your feminine self 
  • Your vulnerability is your greatest strength
  • Unzip your heart to being available vs being open
  • What are your “Supershero” strengths
  • The boogey woman.
  • End phenomenon. 
  • Heart and soul transition
  • Being Self Full is in all of yourselves

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